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One of the main problems in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries has been the difficulty associated with handling and processing of biological samples. Regardless of the application, safe and proper preparation of precious samples requires a significant amount of time and concentration. At BioSamPle Solutions, we are dedicated to providing personalized solutions for the biological sample problem. Our patented BioCookie™ technology makes nucleic acid extraction easy and more convenient than ever, as it can be used with a variety of biological samples routinely utilized by researchers and clinicians. As little as 100 ng or as much as 6 µg of DNA can be captured from the sample without the need for time consuming centrifugation steps. When our extraction kits are used along with a multi-channel pipettor, up to 12 extractions can be performed at once in less than half an hour. For labs routinely dealing with biological samples, we offer a completely automated system for sample handling and preparation. Our BioBot™ is much smaller than comparable products, only 14" x 14" x 14", and requires very little maintenance. The automated system is easily programmed to perform reagent set-up, a variety of sample preparation functions, and can also utilize our BioCookie™ extraction kits to perform nucleic acid extraction. It even accommodates the standard 3 mL blood tubes, therefore minimizing human error and contamination making it very appealing in clinical settings. With the automated system, lab productivity can also be increased by letting the BioBot perform trivial pipetting in a precise manner while allowing scientists to devote valuable time and concentration to more difficult tasks.

See our BioCookie™ technology at work by performing 96 DNA extractions in 10 mins:


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